Natural Resource Management

Reverse the trend of natural resource loss mauka to makai by increasing freshwater security, watershed protection, community-based marine management, invasive species control, and restoration of native species

The Aloha+ Challenge natural resource management goal was informed by existing conservation commitments such as the State of Hawai‘i’s target to protect 30% of priority watershed forests by 2030.  This target was adopted statewide as part of the Aloha+ Challenge, and led to development of the other key conservation targets, including the Hawai‘i Fresh Water Initiative freshwater security recommendations and the Hawai‘i Biosecurity Plan for invasive species. The Governor’s Sustainable Hawai‘i Initiative further increases ambition for a marine target to effectively manage 30% of Hawai‘i’s nearshore waters by 2030.  Progress towards these targets are being measured on the Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard.


By 2030, increase fresh water capacity by 100 million gallons per day using a baseline capacity of January 1, 2016.

By 2030, protect 30 percent of watershed forests.

By 2030, significantly increase the percentage of Hawai‘i’s marine waters under active management.

By 2030, implement Hawai‘i Biosecurity Plan to address priority invasive species.

By 2030, increase the percent of threatened and endangered native species managed in Hawai’i.

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