Green Workforce & Education

Increase local green jobs and education to implement the Aloha+ Challenge sustainability goals

The Aloha+ Challenge green workforce and education goal identifies the importance of education, jobs, innovation, and an integrated green economy in achieving Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals. Diverse stakeholders across business, government, and civil society as well as educators, workforce sectors, and students informed indicator development to measure progress on this goal. The Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard tracks quantitative and qualitative data on equitable access to education and jobs.


By 2030, provide ‘āina-based education and stewardship opportunities that foster connection to land, ‘ohana and communities, and create pathways for local-global servant leadership.

By 2030, provide learner-driven educational experiences that ensure all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive and build a sustainable future.

By 2030, ensure access to inclusive, quality education for all people that fosters lifelong learning.

By 2030, promote productive employment for Hawai‘i’s workforce – professionals, volunteers, practitioners – that supports community, environment, and economic prosperity through institutional transformation and job creation.

By 2030, foster an ecosystem of innovation, research, education and entrepreneurship that creates living-wage jobs and a diversified economy.

By 2030, continue to develop policies and initiatives to promote sustainable business practices that invest in Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural resources, and support local job creation and thriving communities.

By 2030, strengthen a diversified economy and enhance prospects for green growth by increasing investment in innovation, improving access to financial services, benefits, and technology to support collective wealth and community vibrancy.

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